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19 Jan 2024

Testimonial - Reyna


I went to see Eva on a bit of a whim, I was under a lot of stress in life but as we all think I was “coping” but maybe this would help, who knows, I guess it wouldn’t hurt anyway.
So I went along, slightly unsure and when I didn’t think I really had time.
Eva is a beautiful calming friendly person, immediately when she greeted me I felt I had made a good decision. As the sessions progressed I began to see a positive difference build up in me and after a few months of sessions I can honestly say this was one of the best things I have done for myself in my whole life. What a difference in my outlook and ability to actually cope with the problems in life, they don’t go away but with Eva’s help they are definitely in perspective. Also it doesn’t hurt that she has the most lovely French accent which soothes me to sleep every night! Thank you Eva

Testimonial - Reyna

21 Oct 2023

Testimonial - Pauline

Debilitating anxiety
Eva helped me overcome debilitating anxiety and low confidence issues, enabling me to conquer and go on to finally pass an assessment that was vital for me starting my new career. I would look forward to my sessions and found that they put in a relaxed state of mood. Eva is a professional, I am very grateful, and I would highly recommend her services. 

Testimonial - Pauline
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